Prison Island Zanzibar

Prison Island Zanzibar a relaxing day in Zanzibar Channel of the Indian Ocean is achieved when we visit the small isles off the Western Coast of Zanzibar.

Prison Island Zanzibar,enjoy your half day guided tour which can begins and ends at Stone town of Zanzibar. This is very historical Island just off the coast of Stone Town and it’s a quick of just 20  minutes by boat ride trip from the old stone town’s waterfront.

Prison Island Zanzibar and It’s fringed with a lovely white sand beach and a small coral reef, which is a deal for Snorkeling making it ideal for a spot of Prison Island Zanzibar snorkeling and sunbathing. You can hire masks and flippers before you depart stone town or once you have landed at the Prison Island Zanzibar. The Prison Island, also known as Changuu Island, Changuu IS SWAHILI name of the fish (Sea Patch)the type of fishes which were mostly caught by fishermen’s while fishing around Prison Island Zanzibar. Prison Island Zanzibar Was first used by Arab slave merchants to detain unruly slaves,before the British built what was intended as a prison Jail for Stone Town in 1890. However the building was never utilized  as a prison; though later it become a quarantine station for  the East Africa Territory  during erupt of Cholera diseases

Today Prison Island Zanzibar is known for its excellent views of Stone Town and for its giant tortoises imported from Aldabra in the Seychelles in the late 19th century and best birds of Peacocks’ type. They stand up to a rather staggeringly one meter high,could feasibly be hundreds of years old,and are frequently seen copulating!  From Stone Town, Prison Island Zanzibar is an excellent half day trip. Ogle the sexually-charged tortoises, Prison Island Zanzibar is a deal for swim and snorkel,and eat lunch at the island’s there is Tourists Resort & restaurant that offers accommodation and meals. The Prison Island Zanzibar is highly recommended as great deal for swimming,sunbathe and snorkeling, Diving and other sea sports adventures, please don’t forget your swimming suite with you while visiting Prison Island Zanzibar

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